JPS Cart Restrictions

WordPress / WooCommerce extension for customized shopping cart management.

What does this extension do?

The plugin provides shopping cart restrictions for WooCommerce where it is possible to define conditions for purchase and order completion.

What can be set in this extension?

The following restrictions can be defined:
- the minimum price value in the basket
- the maximum price value in the basket
- the minimum number of products in the basket
- the maximum number of products in the basket
- parcel policy of the basket (if the store sells goods only in boxes after a certain number of pieces, eg 6 products per box)
- ordering only an even amount of products

! It is not possible to have an even number of products and package policy turned on at once!

How can I get this extension for my WooCommerce store?

This extension is accessible directly in the WordPress plugin catalog. (The plugin is currently in the approval phase.)

How much does this extension cost?

This extension is distributed for free.